Monday, 7 March 2011

New Movie - Comedy: JUST GO WITH IT!!!!

Starring Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston

In this comedy,plastic surgeon and serial womaniser Danny Maccabee (Adam Sandler) meets and begins to romance the woman of his dreams, the much younger Palmer (Brooklyn Decker). However, his future is thrown into jeopardy when his past comes back to haunt him.

Danny has a unique approach to picking up women - in order to break the ice and gain their sympathy he pretends to be stuck in an unhappy marriage. The instant he flaunts his wedding ring, the deal is all but done. But when that plan backfires with Palmer, Danny attempts to cover his tracks by falling back on his tried-and-true plan B, his upcoming divorce from said unloving spouse.

But when Palmer complicates things further by asking to meet his future ex, Danny (Adam Sandler)  is forced to enlist the aid of his loyal assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) to pretend to be his soon to be ex-wife as they all head off for a weekend in Hawaii that will change their lives forever.

New Movie: LOVE & OTHER DRUGS!!!!

Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway

In his Humourous movie, Handsome and charming pharmaceutical rep Jamie (Jake Gyllenhaal) has the ability to sweep women of their feet. He uses his skill to make big sales of drugs to area businesses,that makes him a very sought-after rep. And when the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer launches their by now famous little blue pill, he catches a ride on the wave caused by the product and his career takes an even more acute upward trajectory.
However, Jamie falls head over heels for radiant Maggie (Anne Hathaway), who won't let anyone - or anything - tie her down. Maggie and Jamie's evolving relationship takes them both by surprise, and soon the two people who never thought they would fall in love discover that their intense chemistry is more powerful than any drug on the market.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Best Women Outifits 2011: Drool & Spills

FLORAL, FLORAL, FLORAL ladies is all I can say....

Let the Fashion Trends of 2011 take you places, with classic styles, cute prints, soft fresh colours and floaty bouncy Fabric, there is no going wrong. Pair your lovely Floral high waisted skirt with a plain white vest, and top it off with a wedge just for the right look and away you go!!!!!!! Bringing the swinging sixties back, inspiring a lady -like and "pretty as can be" fashion.

High Waisted skirts for smart occasions??? OFCOURSE... Look at Eva Longoria pulling off a High Waisted Pencil Skirt... Absolutely Stunning for those smart evenings!!! Stunning!!

Guide to follow for your 2011 Summer Trends:
Uneven Hems

Follow the guidelines and you'll have a look that will last a life time!

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